My favorite comfortable work shoes

Hi! Just wanted to share my favorite comfortable work shoes, including a pair I just got and am loving. Some of the items are on my wish list and others are ones that I have worn before. If you want comfort I think that you really can get the best shoes by investing a little bit of money in a great pair. I have work shoes that have lasted me over five years so I think the higher price tag is worth it if my feet are comfortable and they can stand the test of time. My favorite flats are Cole Haan because they are so comfortable and a professional style. During the week I also wear more professional looking tennis shoe (sneaker) style if I know it is a more casual day. The pair I just got are Ecco ‘Soft 7’ Cap Toe Sneaker and I LOVE them and they come in multiple colors. I highly recommend them for casual work wear because they provide such good comfort but the fabric and structure keep your footwear looking professional.


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