My shopping tips!

Hi! I wanted to create this post to have a place to share my shopping tips (mainly for online). One of my favorite ways to shop smarter is by using Ebates. At first I thought ‘this can’t be real… I can’t get money back… it must be a scam’. Well I was wrong. I have Ebates on my computer and phone and get cash back on so many items I already buy. Ebates allows you to download an add on to your browser that will allow you to ‘activate’ cash back at certain stores, so it activates and stores each purchase’s cash back until they send you a check (or send the money via Paypal) every few months. The add on  will even check coupon codes for you when you check out. You can also download the app to your phone. For an additional $10 cash back when you spend $25 using Ebates follow this link:


I will continue to add more to this post with any shopping tips and tricks I have!


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