Apartment Must Haves

A lot of the blogger content I read is focused around furniture and interior items that are only a possibility if you are in a home (with the closet space I can only dream of). I wanted to put together a place to share items that I have in my small two bedroom apartment that really work, don’t take up too much space, and sometimes make life easier.

Patio (teeny, tiny balcony style)

With a minimal amount of square footage every inch needs to be maximized  on an apartment balcony. When searching for the right chairs I also had to consider I am married to someone who is 6’8″ and will break almost anything that I would classify as cute of dainty. I landed on chairs from Target that were on sale (and currently as this is published are still on sale). They are VERY sturdy and comfortable because of the substantial chair pads. Instead of the table that was sold separately, but matched int he collection I decided on a tree stump style accent table to add dimension. This setup can fit on our balcony and would fit most small spaces. Shop the chairs and table below.



My bedding and pillows are very simple and neutral, but I wanted to share links to a few of these items.

  • Large white pillows: substantial in size and fabric is very pretty
  • Duvet cover: as simple as it gets, but if you are looking for a minimalist look this is a great option
  • Faux fur pillows: SO soft, great for the bed or on the couch


Collapsible Wagon: One of the items that I recently shared on Instagram that has changed my life is a collapsible wagon. I had always resisted the idea thinking it was not the coolest to be rolling the wagon filled with groceries through the halls of my complex. Well, I don’t care how it looks because getting anything from the car to the apartment is SO easy. I got two of these from Walmart before we moved apartments and they are super sturdy and under $45!



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